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The Philoshopy

The selection process

Ria Labrinoudi carefully selects the sources of the fabrics for each of her collections.
Special care is put in the selection process by Ria and her team as well as in the preparation of each fabric
 before the creation of each model.
Take a peek...
  • Choosing the right ones
    The selection process is a moment of great significance in the creation process. Choosing the apropriate fabrics materializes Ria’s inspiration, so great effort and care are given to the process.
  • Preparing the patterns
    Carefully and steadily, Ria’s experienced team of shoemakers, prepares each fabric according to the specifications and the needs of each design. This phase takes time, but it is worth it!
  • Creating the models by hand
    This is the moment where the inspiring design, impressive fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship come together as one, to elevate the final product into a masterpiece of feminine beauty
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