I am Ria Labrinoudi

and I love shoes!
I was born in Chios in 1982 where I lived till the age of 18.
Then I moved to Patras where I studied economics for 4 years and completed my studies in Athens with an MBA.
After finishing my studies I worked in the banking sector for 10 years.

Since I was young, I remember myself being passionate about fashion. I was spending so many hours in shoe showrooms and in front of shop windows.

I have been in love with shoes my whole life. I believe wearing nice shoes can transform a basic outfit into something special and glamorous.

So, I decided to go back to school and learn the shoe craftsmanship.

I looked for the best Greek shoemakers and shoe designers.
I worked with them to learn the craft, the secrets of the craftsmanship as well as the skill of selecting the right materials.
I made by hand many pairs of shoes
I did all the procedure, from drawing the design to the final product. I modified the shoe lasts, I cut the leather, I sewed and did all the finishing of the end product myself. After this great experience, I travelled to Paris, to Milan and to New York and carried out extended research on craftsmanship and materials.
So, I decided to go back to school and learn
the shoe craftsmanship.
In 2018, I made the step I always dreamed of
Now I have created my own brand. My team and I, after spending so many hours in the laboratory, after making research and after putting so much effort, we finally made it. We succeeded in making so comfortable handmade shoes, despite the heel height, that fit perfectly on the feet yet are so chic and stylish!